I’m Angie, and like you, I love the healing spirit of nature. My love of plants began as a child when my grandmother took my family on a road trip to my father’s birthplace near Little Rock, Arkansas. In an empty lot next to my aunt’s house, she showed me how to identify and forage pokeweed. We had a poke sallet with dinner that night, it was fascinating and delicious, the experience always stayed with me. It planted the seed of endless possibilities with plants.

Feeling the need for more creativity in my life, I began to play with fabrics and dyes. Working with my hands in the summer sun and cool sea air at an old beach cabin, tie-dyeing t-shirts, socks, and scarves brought me to my happy place. Realizing the toxicity of the synthetic dyes to myself and the environment, I began experimenting with plant dyes, and a new fascination was born.  

These last few years have been spent rethinking, reviewing and revising the kind of life I want to live, and begin integrating with a sense of purpose. This shop is the result, a labor of love, and I am so excited to share it with you! 

My husband and I recently moved into a 150-year-old farmhouse among the temperate rainforest of the northwest coastal range, lichen falling from the trees that I use in my dye pot. I forage the local landscape for fallen leaves, walnuts, dandelions, and mushrooms for the dyes and inks I create. We are knee-deep in renovations, building a greenhouse and a large dye garden with dreams of a new studio where I explore re-emerging dye craft methods to support our need to create. Journey with me as I share my experiences exploring the alchemy of plant dyes and textile design.


Reconnect with nature and support our need to create
Inspire and share re-emerging plant based dye techniques
Ecologically sustainable natural dyes to support the earth and future generations